Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ollie is a champ!

When we left Big Bend on Friday morning we were slightly puzzled as to where to stop between the park and San Antonio.  Texas is MASSIVE - and there is a lot of nothingness in some stretches.  Once we started driving we decided to really make a go of it, and put Ollie to the test.  We are happy to report that he passed!  He managed 408 miles in one shot- woohoo!  Therefore we landed in San Antonio on Friday night- tired and very sweaty, yes folks there is still no respite from the oppressive heat. We were needless to say a little beat, so we did our San Antonio exploration on Saturday.

So yesterday we managed to hit all the places on the San Antonio agenda.  The weather was a balmy 98 degrees with at least 50% humidity- it finally felt like summer ;) We damply explored the The Alamo, the River Walk, and the San Antonio Botanical Garden.
 We even squeezed in some yummy BBQ at the Big Bib.  Matt couldn't resist ordering that giant cup of red Kool-Aid.
Our last stop in San Antonio was Ranger Creek Brewing and Distilling.  We were very lucky to be there for the one tour that they offer per week.  Their beers and bourbon were all delicious.  We really enjoyed their Mesquite Smoked Porter.
After Ranger Creek we started the quick jaunt to Austin....  xxx

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