Our Tour Route

What we plan to see and when...

We will be posting pictures and writing about all these stops.  If there is something that you'd like to "see" please let us know by posting a comment below.  

6/1/12 - 6/2/12:  Joshua Tree National Park
6/3/12 - 6/4/12:  Phoenix, AZ
6/7/12:  Deming, NM
6/8/12:  Roswell, NM
6/11/12-6/12/12:  Alpine, TX
6/13/12 - 6/14/12:  Big Bend National Park
6/19/12:  Shiner, TX
6/20/12 - 6/23/12:  Houston, TX
6/28/12:  Orange Beach, Alabama
6/29/12:  Apalachicola, FL
6/30/12:  Jacksonville, FL
7/1/12:  Vero Beach, FL
7/2/12:  Hollywood, FL


  1. If this copy and paste works, I have figured out how to post...make that where.

    Hi Guys,

    I was going to post that the cats made the trip in a little over 3 days and have now settled in comfortably, but I guess that is not a permitted function on your site. Wawa does not seem to push Coco around as much as she used to or maybe I just missed the action.

    I had the front door open eariler and noticed Wawa was showing great interest in something outside...there was a squirrel out there on the railing taunting her. Enjoy the trip.

    Love Ya,
    Mom and Dad

    1. Wow- the cats certainly made the trip much faster than us!

  2. Sheri,
    Here is one of the great seafood restaurants in Mobile, AL I was telling you about. Hopefully y'all will be able to stop by there and try it.
    The Original Oyster House - http://seafoodrestaurantmobile.com/index.html

    It was really great meeting you and your husband on Friday and hopefully the next time you're in town we can all hang out again!

    Trooper Tuesday

    1. Thanks so much for this information. We are going to try and hit this restaurant for sure. Take care!