Saturday, June 16, 2012

Surviving Big Bend: Part 2

Even after the long and scary night at Cottonwood we decided to stick it out for a second night in the gorgeous Big Bend.  We were able to convince the park rangers to let us leave Stan at the visitor center before heading into the Basin.   The Basin was much more crowded than Cottonwood.  It was also full of rangers because the night before brought an aggressive mountain lion to the campsites.

After scoping a spot we made our way to The Window trail.  We were amazingly surprised by the unique and grandiose views at the end of the trail.  It may have been one of the most rewarding trails that we've ever tackled.

That night the violent thunderstorms were back again.  Luckily there were other targets in the campground so we felt a little safer.  We managed to make it through the night free from lightning strikes, a floating air mattress, and a mountain lion attack!  More Texas to come... xxx


  1. Nice pics. It sounds like you guys are making some nice memories. I hope you got used to the arrived right on time in your new hometown a couple of days ago at 4 almost everyday occurrence in southern Florida this time of year. We will be back there tomorrow, but probably be long gone before the storms start again.

  2. Hey! It's Dana-- the girl you guys met at big bend your second night! Love the blog. I hope you guys enjoy Florida this much when you get there. We were talking about going to Biscayne bay national park over spring break since we could use our pass for that! And even the Everglades! Two parks in Florida and we've never been to either.
    The bottom of our tent wound up getting water in it on my side. I woke up soaked! Happy no one got eaten by the mountain lion!

  3. Hi Dana! Thanks so much for finding our blog. Yes, I am glad that we all survived Big Bend that night. We have never been to those national parks in Florida either. Maybe we should plan to head there during spring break time too, to get the most of the annual pass.

    Enjoy your continued adventure out west!