Monday, June 11, 2012

I Want to Believe.

We finally have internet access again!

So I'm sorry to report that we did not have any UFO sightings on Friday night.  We did have a good time in Roswell nonetheless.  On Saturday morning we started the day off with a visit to Bitterlake Wildlife Refuge. There was not a lot to see there this time of year.  We did encounter loads of dragonflies and damsalflies though.  We also were able to catch a glimpse of the great horned owl in the wild.

After Bitterlake we moved onto the  UFO  Museum.  It was a fun place with some interesting stories and kitschy relics.  We are still not convinced though....  We were lucky enough to be present for Roswell's annual barbecue and fiddle competition.  So that was exciting! 

After Roswell we headed to Brantley Lake State Park.  It was really hot there, with wind advisories too.  We still enjoyed the breeze coming off the beautiful lake though.  Even if it was like someone holding a 104 degree hairdryer in your face while trying to sleep.  More New Mexico adventures to come.  xxx


  1. Wow an "ufo" museum!!! :)
    (yeah still remember how you made fun of me!)

  2. How could we ever forget making fun of you ;)