Friday, June 8, 2012

270 miles under Ollie's belt today!

He's back.....we have had some route changes (apologies to our Albuquerque friends, we'll catch you next time), and Ollie went strong to take us all the way to Roswell today!  He even managed a climb to over 7500 ft! We are spending the night at Bottomless Lakes State Park and we made it here just in time for the sunset.  Who knows, maybe we'll have some alien sightings while sleeping in the woods tonight...

We only managed to visit one real sight during the day today, the Pecan Brewery.  OK, so that's not really a sight but it was a much needed break. There were a lot of beers on the flight (although we still managed to finish them all) but I really enjoyed the Abbey Ale.  The Pecan Amber Ale (Matt's fave) and Green Chile Lager were fun too.   Lots more to come from Roswell tomorrow...  xxx

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