Sunday, July 1, 2012

We lost the mountain man.

We made it from Apalachicola to Jacksonville yesterday. That leg completed our journey on route 10. We managed to take 4,169 miles to travel the 2,460 mile highway.   Overall yesterday's trek went pretty smoothly. There was some residual damage from Debby along the way though; with some areas still slightly under water. Ollie handled it well.

When we finally hit Jacksonville Matt decided it was time to ditch the mountain man look. We made a stop at a local barber shop where he had an old-time straight razor shave and hair cut. He is hardly recognizable now!

Today we are deciding whether to try and make the haul to our final destination, or really milk the last 329 miles with a stopover in Vero Beach.  xxx


  1. Wow! The beard didn't make it! Weird, I was starting to think of you guys as Sheri, Matt and the Beard! Excellent road trip you guys. It's been fun following your adventures. And i'm so very happy that Ollie made it! :-) Phil & Jade UK X