Friday, June 29, 2012

We built this city on oy-ster shells.

Yesterday was a bit of a whirlwind as we raced from Baton Rouge to Orange Beach in time for our sailing trip.  We literally pulled up to the pier as the sailboat was readying to leave.  We did manage to make it though, and it was magnificent.  The views from the boat were breathtaking.

After the trip we booked it to Pensacola for the evening (bringing our day's travel in the car to a sturdy 6 hrs + 2 hrs on boat)....officially marking our entry into the trip's final state- Florida!

Our time is Pensacola was short lived.  We spent today making our way to Apalachicola.  Apalachicola is an interesting little town on the river, where oysters are a-plenty.  Although the town was hit hard by Debby only a few days ago, it  is already going strong again.  We are enjoying a great view of the river, some tasty oysters (where can you beat $6.99 for a full dozen of super fresh oysters on the half shell?), and the entertainment and hospitality of the locals.

We can't believe how the trip is quickly winding down.  Tomorrow morning we're on to Jacksonville.  xxx

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