Monday, June 4, 2012

Fun in Phoenix!

Well we made it to Phoenix!  After getting some more coolant for Ollie we were able to find a KOA site to lay our heads in Blythe.  We had only one more minor overheating incident on route to Phoenix before giving Ollie a break for a few days.

Despite the continuation of the oppressive heat we've really had a great time here.  We've spent time with family, and explored the area.

Early this morning we went on a hike to oversee the city on the South Mountain Trails.  We were able to again spot some of the desert vegetation that we learned about in Joshua Tree (Cholla and Creosote, etc..).

After the hiking South Mountain we moved on to the beer trail...  We started with a visit to the Four Peaks Brewery.  Four Peaks had a lot of delicious brews on tap.  I really enjoyed their interesting Peach Ale, Hop Knot, and Hefe.

After Four Peaks we hit the little tasting room of a new brewery called The Phoenix Ale Brewery.   They had a really intriguing Fretzy's Unfiltered Ale and Watermelon Wheat Ale.  You can see that Matt really enjoyed the brews there!

Lastly we closed the Phoenix beer tour with a stop at Sun Up Brewing Company.  There were a lot of tasty hoppy IPAs there.

Now we are on to Tucson...and Ollie's short respite is over.  Hopefully he's ready to trek through the heat again!  xxx

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  1. That's good news...we were starting to worry that Ollie had let you down when not in the vicinity of a brewery. ;-) We had to trek to Tennessee yesterday, but will be heading back to check on the birds and cats today.