Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Time in the Alpine.

Well we spent most of the day relaxing at the Holland and catching-up on some work.  We did manage to walk around Alpine a bit more, visit the Museum of the Big Bend, and do the self-guided historic walking tour.  There are a lot of cool old buildings in this town with lots of neat old junk inside that I desperately wanted to pack into the already bloated Stan.  
In the evening we did the next best thing to finding a local brewery- we hit the local dive bar, Railroad Blues.  We had an excellent time drinking some localish beers and swapping stories with the locals.  We even managed to meet the guy that is opening a brewery here is Alpine in the next few months, the soon to be Big Bend Brewing....we were so close!!

Now we are off to explore Big Bend National Park.  Fingers crossed that we can make it up some of those hills!  xxx

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