Friday, June 8, 2012

More to see in Tucson.

We had a great time seeing a few more things in Tucson.

We visited the Biosphere 2 on Wednesday.  It was very interesting.  I really enjoyed learning how the structure operated during the time that the biospherians lived inside.  It really inspired watch the Pauly Shore movie Biodome ;)  After the Biosphere we headed over to the Thunder Canyon Brewery.  They had a lot of yummy brews on tap.  We really enjoyed their Orange U Glad (orange juice infused Hef) and the Sandstone Cream Ale.  

On Thursday we decided to visit one more spot in Tucson on our way out.  We had a few recommendations to hit the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.  It really was a truly wonderful stop, one of our favorites thus far.  It was not just a museum, but also a zoo, and a botanical garden.  The focus was on the indigenous geology, plant, and wildlife to the area.  The exhibits are integrated so well into the landscape- and are fun too!  It goes on our highly recommended list.  xxx

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