Sunday, June 24, 2012

The last hurrah in Houston.

Well we managed to drag ourselves to the Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company open house yesterday.  We were really happy with our choice too.  Buffalo Bayou is Houston's newest microbrewery and they are doing some really interesting things.  They are brewing new twists on old favorites, like a Hibiscus Hefe and a Chai Porter.  Both were very complex.  I especially loved the aroma of the porter.  We were even lucky enough to spend some time with the very laid-back brewer.  He was kind enough to give us a barrel taste of a sour mash cherry beer in the works- that one was my favorite!

We spent the rest of the time with friends and enjoyed a last little bit of Houston.  We are now ready to move we come Baton Rouge-look out Debby.  xxx


  1. The hibiscus tasted like vienna sausages to me, but I love the chai porter.

  2. The hibiscus flavor was interesting...