Monday, May 21, 2012

If this car is a rockin'...

The countdown is really starting now!  We are busy trudging through the packing process and preparing Ollie for the trip.  Matt spent some time this weekend to finish installing the new headliner, blow all the leaves out of his insides, and rig-up an iPod connection in the glove box.  We may not have any AC, but our music selection will be killer!  We also blew-up the queen size airbed to check the fit inside Ollie.  It looks pretty decent.
I will post later this week with pictures of all the boxes and Ollie's travel companion, the trailer named Stan (let's see who can pick-up on the clever naming here).  Right now my living room is getting pretty full of boxes, and I am slightly skeptical of Stan's capacity.  Fingers crossed!  xxx