Monday, May 14, 2012


...So we haven't started our road trip just yet.  However, we did go on an adventure this weekend.  We hit one of the last places on our West Coast bucket list- Vancouver, B.C.  The weather was gorgeous and we got some beer tasting practice in with visits to the Granville Island Brewery and Howe Sound Brewing Company.  Both places had some delicious local brews.  We loved the Granville Maple Cream Ale and the Howe 4 Fruits Ale.

Also, we found something interesting in the Air Canada in-flight magazine- a picture of a 1960 truck towing an airplane (see below). Perhaps there is no need to worry that Ollie isn't up to the task of towing our stuff....if in fact this is a shot of one of her ancestors pulling a DC-8.  What do you think, is it an International Travelall?

More to come soon.  xxx


  1. Hello! Can't wait to follow your trip through the States!!
    Last weekend I watched a TV show about Austin. I loved it. You should definitely go to the cathedral of junk (, it looks really odd. Another thing that seems to be a lot of fun is to rent a kayak or so and watch the bats when the sun goes down near Congress Avenue Bridge (
    Have fun!! Miss you :)

    1. Yay our first comment!! Thanks so much for the AMAZING ideas. I had not heard about the Cathedral of Junk. It sounds right up my alley ;) I'll be sure to add it to the tour route. xxx